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Client Testimonials

Want an attorney that cares about your case as much as you do?



There are no words that can express my happiness. I was on cloud nine after getting the phone call from Ms. Jennifer, and I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends and family. I will personally be in touch with you if I need anything else in future. Have a wonderful and Happy Holidays! Thanks once again for your time and help.


My experience as a client of Seth Johnson is going very well. He has helped me in every way possible. He is professional, friendly, and understanding. His office makes you feel at ease, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for representation.


I highly recommend Attorney Seth T. Johnson. Talk about stepping-out on blind faith. I am so thankful I found Mr. Johnson. I was really upset to find out a charge that resulted from an arrest 18 years ago was still there. I paid a previous attorney over a decade ago who told me he had taken care of it, but yet all he did was take my money and do nothing. Needless to say, I was very afraid to pay yet another attorney, an attorney I had never met (Mr. Johnson), yet so glad I did. Mr. Johnson was able to address everything without me having to leave my home state. Mr. Johnson was very knowledgeable and prompt, and kept me informed throughout the whole process. I always knew what to expect. I really can't express how thankful and pleased I am with Mr. Johnson and his services. Truly, a heavy burden lifted, case dismissed.


Seth, Thank you for your communication and care of N.S.' case. I truly appreciate you and Jennifer for providing me some peace of mind.


I just wanted to thank Seth for representing me. He has done an awesome job. Thank you Seth for helping me out. You're an awesome attorney and always on point. Stay cool.


Seth Johnson is an exceptional defense lawyer and I highly recommend his services. I was faced with criminal charges that would possibly follow me the rest of my life (on my record). Seth was able to get my charges reduced, have the record removed from my background, and represented me in my initial trial date so that I could continue working and not be required to appear in person at the first court date. He and his staff are very professional, were always available to answer questions or concerns, and very reasonable in the legal fees out-of-pocket. Thanks Seth!!!


Seth and Jennifer, First and foremost, I want to thank you for all that you did for me and my son. Jennifer thank you for helping us with the financial aspect of this because it was an unexpected event. You are a real person and made us feel very important. Seth: thank you for giving us peace of mind when we thought we had none. You made us see that we really did not have much to worry about. You put everything in terms that we could understand. People should truly know how great you guys are. Seth kept my family calm and helped us piece together what the process is. He is a wonderful person and kept my son focused on what was important. Seth and Jennifer made this journey easier for both me and my son. Seth made us feel like we could survive this even when I was flipping out on a daily basis. He sat with us and explained what each item of the case against my son meant and when it came time to testify before grand jury Seth met us at the courthouse. My son was No-Billed by the grand jury and Seth was right there by our sides. Seth kept a strict level of professionalism and even talked to my son the night before Grand Jury because my son felt scared. There are no words to describe how much I appreciate everything the Johnson Law Firm did for our family. Our family would like to extend our warmest wishes to Seth, Jennifer, and their families. You guys are welcome over at our house anytime.


First, I want to thank GOD for sending Seth to represent me. The situation I was in was very serious. I was facing 30 years or more in TDCJ. Seth not only did an excellent job representing me, but when everything was said and done I received 10 years probation. I can honestly say that Seth and Jennifer went above and beyond with my case, and I am forever grateful. I want to thank them for all the long days and nights that they went through in preparing my case. I highly recommend Seth and Jennifer to anyone looking to be represented. My family and myself not only thank Seth and Jennifer, but hope, pray, and wish them much success in the future. I personally want to wish both of you and your families a very, very, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Seth & Jennifer are two wonderful people. I came to the law firm in search of a set aside by Judicial Clemency. My conviction was back in 1993 of Impersonating a Public Servant ( Peace Officer ) in Shelby County Texas. As strange as the conviction sounds, Seth and Jennifer took this case like two professional people, and began doing the research and paperwork in no time.  Before I knew it, the DA had no objections, and in no time at all, the Judge signed this paperwork that took a felony conviction off my record after 23 years. And that's not all. Seth Johnson has a quick eye for detail. A couple of other misdemeanor convictions were also removed from my criminal record do to the fact I was granted clemency at the time the Judge signed me off probation, but the county never reported it to the state. I didn't know this until Seth noticed the language in those cases as well. Seth didn't back down, and he got those off my record also.  Seth is a hard working lawyer that can get results. He listens to you, and is very caring about your situation. Don't trust just any lawyer to represent you. Trust Seth Johnson. Seth and Jennifer will treat you right, the first time, every time.


My family and myself not only thank Seth and Jennifer, but hope, pray, and wish them gods grace and blessings for believing in me and helping me through this as well as other people going through problems. I can not express enough my gratitude and thanks enough.


Seth not only did an excellent job representing me, but went above and beyond, for this I am forever grateful. Seth and Jennifer are strong, focused and truly do a exceptional job as a lawyer firm. I strongly believe that anyone who needs a good lawyer that will do the work, be honest and up front rather good or bad, will not go wrong with Seth Johnson. I highly recommend Seth Johnson and Jennifer to anyone looking to be represented.


I want to thank and let everyone know about Attorney Seth Johnson. I was in a very serious situation and had been sent to TDCJ over my situation. I was facing a state jail felony and a misdemeanor charge and the police were more than to happy to tell me all the charges and time I would be serving after they were done with me. Other lawyers I had talked to before Seth wanted abundant amounts of money, promised the most they could do would be to keep me out of jail and hopefully only probation. Seth Johnson and Jennifer helped me to get everything straightened out as well as the charges dismissed.


Seth represented me in two different cases. In each case he worked hard to give me the best defense possible. The first case I was charged with Credit Card abuse and could have received up to 5 years in TDC. Thru Seths hard work he was able to work out a deal with the DA and I received Deferred Adjudication and 5,years probation. The second case he represented me in was for Assault with bodily injury an enhancement for child cruelty. At my jury selection, my charges were reduced to a misdemeanor class c assault and the enhancement was dropped. I also recieved deferred adjudication with one year probation. In the end after I complete my probation in each case I'm able to have ALL charges completely dismissed and my records sealed. I will be in the position to continue to work anywhere I want and successfully pass a,background check. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Throughout the last two years as being my attorney, seth and kept me informed of any changes there were in my cases. He is extremely knowledgeable in the law. He doesn't take a case just because he wants your money. Actually its the opposite. Hell take your case because he honestly cares about you and your future. He will give you his,all and make sure you have the best possible representation anyone can have. He'll work extremely hard to ensure that. Thank you Seth for everything you did for me. You were a Godsend.


Seth Johnson is the best lawyer around. I was charged with aggravated sexual assault on a child. I was facing a 5-99 year sentence and losing my child. He went above and beyond to get my charge reduced to a non-sex crime. I cannot thank him enough for everything he helped me with. He really cares about your future and makes you feel at ease. He is always there when I need questions answered or just someone to talk to. I highly recommend using Seth Johnson. He turned my life around for the better and I will forever be grateful for his services.


It is our experience that Seth Johnson cares about his clients and what is best for them. He represented our daughter in a case that could have followed her for a very long time. He was able to negotiate a pre-trial diversion for her, which means, in the end, there will be no record. His fee was very reasonable and he, at all times, respected us and our situation. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney.


I have dealt with different attorneys throughout my lifetime. Not once have I ever experienced dealing with an attorney as dedicated, courageous, and committed toward taking a case and successfully winning. Mr. Johnson has done a wonderful job researching my appeal, and in my opinion, put together the best brief possible. For the people who feel trapped in the legal web and are seeking success, choose Seth. If you want the best choose Seth.


I want to thank GOD for sending Seth to represent me. The situation I was in was very serious. I can honestly say that Seth and Jennifer went above and beyond with my case, and I am forever grateful.


Thank you, Seth, for getting me through a very difficult situation. You helped me stay calm and answered my questions so I could understand the whole process. I appreciated the free consultation and your price to represent me was more than fair. Your integrity speaks volumes!