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About Johnson Law Office, LLC

Johnson Law Office, LLC is a law firm located in Pueblo, CO that specializes in criminal defense since 2007. Our firm specializes in defending serious or complex criminal charges such as homicide, sexual offenses, COCCA/drug distribution, and domestic violence. Additionally, we accept a limited number of 35(c) post-conviction/wrongful conviction cases on a case-by-case basis. We accept trial-level cases in Pueblo, CO, and surrounding Southern Colorado Counties. Post-conviction/Wrongful Conviction matters are accepted statewide. We also handle some criminal-related matters, such as Record Sealing/Expungement and Deregistration.

Seth Johnson began his career in 2007 working for the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office. Since 2013, he has been engaged in private criminal defense practice and is an active member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.

Outside of work, Seth is a member of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers and enjoys spending time with his family and pack llamas in the incredible Colorado backcountry.

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Criminal Lawyer in Pueblo, CO
Specializing in Criminal Defense & Post-Conviction “35c” Litigation Since 2007

A Boutique-Style Approach

We intentionally handle a small number of cases at a time to ensure personalized and thorough legal representation, as well as maintain a commitment to achieving exceptional case outcomes.We prefer to work with clients who consider their case a top priority. We want our work to be significant for our clients and to have a positive impact on their lives. We are particularly interested in cases that involve compelling factual defenses or legal issues. If you believe your case aligns with our approach, we would be happy to hear from you. Please give us a call.

Trial Lawyer in Pueblo, CO
Defense Attorney in Pueblo, CO

1. Expertise at All Levels of the Criminal Justice System

We have extensive experience at all levels of the criminal justice system, from initial investigations to lengthy jury trials, as well as Appellate and Post-Conviction matters. We remain up-to-date on emerging trends in criminal justice and changes in the law that may impact your case.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pueblo, CO

2. Access to Highly-Respected Investigators & Experts

We work with investigators and experts in forensic science, psychology, police misconduct, and ineffective assistance of counsel across Colorado.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pueblo, CO

3. Small Caseload By Design

Ensuring each client’s case receives the attention it deserves makes a major difference. By keeping our caseload low, we maintain consistently high quality representation.

Empowering Criminal Defense Representation Expertise at All Levels of the Criminal Justice System

Attorney Seth Johnson has successfully represented clients at all levels of the criminal justice system, including pre-trial, jury trial, appellate, and post-conviction. The difference between “assembly-line” justice and real justice often comes down to the amount of time spent on a case and hard work. Experience also plays a crucial role. Our focus on post-conviction and wrongful conviction cases has given us a unique understanding of the factors that can lead to an unjust verdict or outcome, such as ineffective defense counsel, poor forensic science, police and prosecutorial misconduct. We work proactively to address these problems before it’s too late.

For more information, contact us at 719-485-4334.

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Criminal Lawyer in Pueblo, CO

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